Our Rave Reviews…

First photo was my first ever show at Upstage Studios second photo was my last show… I never really gave a thank you to the people behind the scenes as I never thought my last show would truly be my last show. But I couldn’t have asked for a better time, my confidence grew so much I went from a little nine year old who wanted the lead but would only sing in front of four people because she was too scared to sing in front of everyone, who cried when she didn’t get the lead. Too a fifteen year old girl who tried her very best and would sing wherever she got the chance too, who would walk in the first day and would talk to pretty much anyone. Susie Keating is such a amazing woman and is so talented putting together sets and costumes. But that’s not all she did, she made so many memories possible. I made so many friendships in that building. I would be lying if I said blood, sweat and tears weren’t put into those performances. Funny little story, either a few days before the show or the day before the show I would show up with some type of injury, my most famous would be during grease, when two days before the show I decided to do a back bridge on my bed and dislocate my kneecap, showed up the next day for dress rehearsal in a knee brace and with crutches. That day you could tell who was new to upstage by the shocked looks on their faces but the ones who have been in a play with me before weren’t too surprised instead the words that they said were “what did you do this time?” Also take it from me, stretch, it may look silly but a twisted ankle isn’t worth it! I can laugh looking back at this all now. Anyways, the memories are so amazing from upstage and I could go on for hours about all the silly things that went down but instead I will say, check out their website, look at some camps or programs they have going on. Even if your kid may not be a huge theatre person the memories that they will make there are one of a kind.

“We have sung the praises of your program to many others… I am sure that Rachel is just one example of a very satisfied student. Your courses are very professionally conducted and you and your teachers treat the children as the stars that they will become. Rachel knows “that there are no small parts, only small actors/actresses.” The last production of Little Shop of Horrors was great. The professional props only added to the overall great performance of the kids. Rachel had a late start getting into the dancing, acting scene, due to her Legge Perthes disease, but thanks to your program she is dancing and singing her heart away.”

“Susie, a quick note of thanks to you and everyone involved in the production, to say it was awesome would be an understatement. Please pass along my thank you to everyone, you should all be very proud of yourselves as well as the kids. Great Job!!”

“…WOW….all I can say is “my head is reeling”…WOW… Norman and I are still talking about last night’s show…The kids were incredible…Their energy was unbelievable You guys must be soooo proud of the group. They were amazing. Norman and I and my parents were absolutely blown away by Dominique. I am speechless! She said she “loved it” and had “sooo much fun, Mom”. That is all you can ask for as a parent. Thank you very much for all your energy with kids. What a gift!”

“Hey susie,
I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much Lorna has enjoyed this semester. She told me the other night she has never had so much fun, she truly enjoyed this play more than hairspray i think because it was filled with younger performers & i must say todays performance was fantastic. Please share with everyone what an amazing job you’ve all done & what an honor & pleasure it was to share it with you guys. BRAVO!!!!”

“Hello Susie,
I want to start by saying what a wonderful time my daughter, Lauren Stoddart, had at the High School Musical Camp. She absolutely loved every minute of it and we enjoyed the final performance. She said to me, “Mommy, you know the best thing about it is I am doing something I love for the whole week.” We appreciate your enthusiasm, encouragement, dedication and support to these young actors.”

“I wanted to tell you that I think its really wonderful what you’re doing for these girls. You are really having a lasting positive effect on them. They all look so happy. It was really amazing to see how much Patience’s confidence increased during that first week of theater camp. Alot of our friends and family have commented on it too. Thank you and I hope you have a great day Susie.”

“Hi Susie, Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time my grand-daughter Kiely and friend Zoe had during the past week at practises for High School Musical and the show. Kiely had never done anything like that before and she enjoyed it so much. We enjoyed both performances and look forward to many more. You are doing a wonderful job with these children and so much enthusiasm also by you fellow teachers. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Susie, I can’t begin to tell you what a phenomenal job you did with this performance. It was absolutely wonderful – the actors, the costumes – the sets; everything was so professional. I don’t know how you do it but you are a miracle maker.”

“What a time Amy had. It was wonderful to see how much fun she was having on stage during the “public” performance. You are amazing to have brought those kids to be able to perform with so much confidence and enjoyment within one short week. This is the first “activity” Amy has engaged in that she expressed complete enjoyment (and exhaustion! she had the best week’s sleep in her life!) without one moment of complaint or reluctance. She had an absolute blast and is interested in participating again very soon.”

I am writing this essay to gain a spot in the Dartmouth Players musical The Sound of Music. I want to be included in this production for many reasons such as developing my skills in theatre arts, practicing my range as a vocalist, dancer, and an actress. I was recently in the production of Hairspray, which was an experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life, and I enjoyed it because of the teachers, the people, but overall the fun that I had with these people.

Could I buy a copy of the DVD of last night’s performance. My video camera battery was dead so couldn’t use it for the performance. It was fabulous and I am not one bit predjudiced!! I would also like to thank you. My girls love the classes (Amy, Maegan and Kelsey) and are passionate about it. Our house has truly been alive with the sounds of music for the last 3 months! I registered for the Mama Mia for Tuesday nights when I got home last night. It is such a pleasure to see all three so enthusiastic about something and I never have to coax them to practice the songs or study their lines. You inspire them all and you are quoted on a daily basis! Thank you again and Merry Christmas! Kaye”

“Hey Susieee,
I want to say thank you SO much, just for doing everything for us that you do. I can’t imagine not being a part of the Upstage Studios family. i was kind of an outsider at school before it and my friends didn’t always treat me right…But now, i don’t care because I have somewhere better to turn, and loads of best girlfriends that I never would have met if it wasn’t for you. I know this message is kind of depressing and random but I just wanted to make sure you know what an amazing thing you really do ;)

“Hi Susie, I just wanted to congratulate you and the team on a great job with the play this weekend. As a mom, I am biased with how wonderful I thought the performance was, but my co-workers went to the Sunday performance, and they were blown away by the talent and the show. They loved the idea of the two stories, and they were asking me this morning how the witch melted. :-) They’re looking forward to the next production. Best regards, Lisa”